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Free Download AVG PC TuneUp 2012 - You have slow PC but you don't know how to Increase your PC performance? Maybe you can try to Read this post. AVG PC TuneUp 2012 is a smart tools thats allow you to Increase your PC / Laptop performance by cleans your hard drive, and also eliminates freezing and crashing. This Smart Tools is really easy to Run because it has many features that can make your PC Faster and Save. So, what are you waiting for? Let's Download AVG PC TuneUp 2012 now, and also read little Review for this PC Tuner

What's the features of this AVG PC TuneUp 2012 . ?

Boost your Internet speed 
Fine tune your PC’s Internet settings to maximize your speed online.
  • Internet Optimizer  -->  Internet Optimizer evaluates your PC’s Internet connection settings such as Max MTU and RWIN then tweaks them to increase connection speed and decrease lags and unwanted interruptions.

Eliminate freezing and crashing
Fix cluttered and corrupted registries that consume memory, slow applications down, and cause overall stability problems.
  • Registry Cleaner  -->  Registry Cleaner scans for and removes temporary, duplicate, and junk files that waste disk space and slow your computer down. It also scans your registry to identify and repair issues that may cause freezing and crashing.

Optimize disk speeds
Optimize your file system to get the most out of your hard drive, ensuring faster disk speeds and improved PC performance.
  • Disk Defragmenter  -->  Disk Defragmenter reorganizes files on your disks so they can be read and written with increased speed. This optimizes application response time, system boot speed and overall computer performance.
  • Windows Registry Defragmenter  -->  Windows Registry Defragmenter cleans your Windows registry by rewriting it, eliminating fragmentation, slack spaces and structural defects.
Protect your privacy
Remove all records of your online and offline PC activities to preserve your privacy.
  • Track Eraser  -->  Track Eraser hides and / or removes all records of what documents you’ve opened, which programs you’ve been running, and what websites you’ve visited.
Recover accidentally deleted files
Recover important files that have been damaged or accidentally deleted.
  • File Recovery  -->  File Recovery restores accidentally deleted or damaged files and allows you to preview all photos and documents while browsing the list of recovered files.

Permanently delete files and wipe disks
AVG PC TuneUp Prevent your personal data from getting into the wrong hands by permanently deleting files and ensuring they can’t be restored or accessed without your permission.
  • File Shredder  -->  File Shredder provides four different shredding options, ranging from fast to military-grade safety shredding.
  • Disk Wiper  -->  Disk Wiper enables you to clean out entire hard drives to benefit from extra security. You can also turn off the “System Restore” function on your PC while cleaning your drives to ensure no copies of files are created during the wiping process.
Monitor hard drive health and space 
Keep your data organized and safe from accidental loss or hard drive failure.
  • Disk Doctor  -->  Disk Doctor checks your hard drives for bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors. You can also free up plenty of additional space by viewing the top 100 largest files located on your hard drive and deciding whether to move them to alternative media.

AVG PC TuneUp 2012 has 4 Main Overview :

System Scan
It gives you the Information and Repair all of your Registry Errors, Junk Files, History Tracks, Disk Errors, Fragmented Disks.

System Advisor
It gives you Information and suggestion about what you must do for your PC to make it more safety and  faster.

Recource Usage
It Shows you the Usage from All of your PC components ( CPU, RAM, Disk, Network )

Advanced Tools
It Shows you All of AVG PC TuneUp Smart Tools. So you can easily maintain your PC with single click

And many more Features that AVG PC TuneUp Offers to you. You can find it by Downloading this AVG PC TuneUp 2012 Full License.

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