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If you never heard about this game before, I'll explain a little about Crysis 2. Ok let's begin, Crysis 2 is the sequel to Crysis, released on March 22, 2011. It is the first game that uses the heavily modified Cryengine 3. The first information was released early February 2010 and it is from a German Magazine. In April, Crytek showcased a demo to certain gaming organizations. So far, Crytek has released two teaser trailers and two videos of the Nanosuit 2.

Crysis 2 features the addition of the Nanosuit 2, an upgraded version of the original Nanosuit. The largest change is that there are 2 main modes rather than 4. Each of the two main modes can be modified with modules. Strength and speed are still usable modes, but they can't be accessed with a radial menu. They are integrated in normal functions of the suit. When you sprint, the speed mode activates and you hear the sound when it activates in the prequel. When you hold down the jump button, the strength jump will be activated and you jump higher. The HUD changes depending on which of the two different modes is active.

Main Modes
  • Cloak mode: generates an active camouflage for the Nanosuit and suppresses any sounds done by the wearer.
  •  Armor mode: This mode increases the protection of the Nanosuit greatly. Upper body strength is given to the wearer.
  • Weapon mode: Default mode. When energy is drained while in other suit modes, the suit automatically changes the mode to Weapon mode.
Secondary Modes
  • Power Mode: Passive Mode which is only activated when the user does actions which require power e.g. Power Sprinting, Power Melee, Power Jumping and Power Aiming, etc
  • Tactical Mode: Reconasiance Mode, the user is allowed to tag important objects such as ammo, weapons and even enemies. This mode makes the user vulnerable as he/she has no weapons however this mode consumes no energy.
Nanosuit Modules
Crytek also announced that the suit can be customized with Nanosuit modules to fit to the players style of playing. Nanosuit Modules can also give additional abilities to the player. When for example the module "Air Combat" is applied, you can perform a stomp when in the air which can eliminate enemies who are below you. Like the weapon customization, you can customize your Nanosuit on the fly in the Singleplayer campaign. There will be up to 60 Nanosuit Modules which are divided into Armor, Stealth and Weapon Categories.

The game developers stated that there will be more "verticality" to Crysis 2, which is likely because of the skyscrapers throughout New York. This verticality can also be reached by some free movement abilities like climbing up ledges you can't reach or sliding over the ground. The game will have a tighter storyline, but will still retain the sandbox-like nature encompassing a variety of gameplay styles.

The aliens seem to stand on two legs and resemble Predators. The aliens have powerful weapons and seem to have superhuman strength and agility. The hostile third faction seem to be humans wearing some type of armored biohazard suit. They use guns and vehicles like normal humans. Unlike the previous games, Crysis 2 allows the player to stomp, kick, and punch.
Crysis 2 Nanosuit 2
The Nanosuit 2 is the second iteration of Crynet Systems' Nanosuit, replacing the older Nanosuit 1 and was introduced 4 years after the creation of the first Nanosuit, and due to advances in technology is thus much more advanced than the Nanosuit 1 ever was. Alcatraz and Prophet are currently the only known wearers of the Nanosuit 2. With the introduction of the Nanosuit 2, it the most technologically advanced piece of equipment in human hands.

Like most current First-Person Shooter games, Crysis will feature experience points, unlockable features when you reach certain ranks (for example, when you reach rank 5, you can create your own loadout), a ranking system that goes to Level 50, customizable loadouts, and kill-streaks.

  • Alcatraz, the main character
  • Laurance Barnes
  • Nathan Gould
  • Jacob Hargreave
  • Tara Strickland
  • Lockhart
  • Chino
  • Sherman Barclay
  • Karl Rasch

Assault Rifles:
  • SCAR is the standard assault rifle of the military in Crysis 2. It holds up to 40 rounds per magazine and boasts a good balance of accuracy, rate of fire and damage.
  • SCARAB is the carbine version of the SCAR, although it is slightly less powerful than its larger cousin its higher rate of fire and increased mobility make it well suited for close range fights.
  • Grendel Heavy Assault Rifle, is a 24-round 3-shot battle rifle that offers superior accuracy and damage at the cost of mobility and rate of fire.
Submachine Guns:
  • Feline SMG, a bullpup SMG with a 60 (+1) round magazine. Its 1200 rounds per miniute rate of fire make it a devastating weapon at close range.
  • K-Volt, is an electrostatic pellet submachine gun that delivers powerful electric shocks to its target. Because of this it is not only very effective against soft targets but also heavily armored units even, nanosuit equipped soldiers.
  • Jackal shotgun, a semi-automatic/automatic shotgun with a 7 (+1) round box magazine.
  • Marshall shotgun, a pump-action shotgun based on the shotgun in Crysis.
Sniper Rifles:
  • DSG-1 is a .405cal Sniper rifle that is both powerful and accurate, Its magazine holds 6 (+1) rounds and unlike its previous versions it is now a semi-automatic rifle.
  • M2014 Gauss is an immensely powerful electromagnetic anti-material rifle. It was designed to replace the previous generations of .50cal sniper rifles, combining increased power and muzzle velocity with reduced recoil.
  • M12 Nova pistol offers decent damage with low recoil. Its magazine holds 20 (+1) rounds.
  • Hammer, a Heavy Semi-Automatic Pistol offers increased damage, with 9 (+1) rounds per magazine.
  • Majestic, is a revolver with high damage but a cylinder capacity of only 6 rounds.
Heavy Weapons:
  • MK60 Mod 0, a machine gun seen in the Multiplayer demo that resembles the M60E4.
  • L-TAG Grenade Launcher, a 6-shot grenade launcher.
  • X-43 Microwave Incendiary Klystron Emitter can best be described as "Flamethrower 2.0". It uses incredibly lethal weaponized microwaves that could literally boil a human from the inside, set flammable objects on fire with continued exposure, and explode sealed objects containing liquids.
  • Frag grenade. It seems that now the player can't throw it while holding another weapon. It has the same launch reticule of the L-TAG but upside down.
  • JAW rocket launcher differs from the LAW rocket launcher in that it is a single shot, single use system but due to its light weight a soldier can carry multiply JAW rockets.
  • C4
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Knife (only used with stealth kills)
  • Fists (only used in standard melee)
  • Mounted machine gun (detachable) that resembles the 20mm machine gun from Crysis Warhead
  • Laser Sight
  • Gauss Attachment
  • Small Shotgun Attachment
  • Grenade Launcher Attachment
  • Reflex Sight
  • Assault Scope
  • Sniper Scope
  • Silencer
  • Holographic Decoy
  • a two types of VTOL seen in the first Crysis, still belongs to U.S.M.C
  • Stalker Exosuit
  • UH-60 Black Hawk
  • Taxi Cabs
  • Transit Buses
  • Miscellaneous Civilian Vehicles
  • AH50 attack helicopter, belongs to C.E.L.L
  • C.E.L.L LTV (Light Tactical Vehicle)
  • Marine LTV
  • VL-90 APC Transport(Armored Personnel Carrier)
  • ICV (Infantry Carrier Vehicle) 
You want to see the Screenshots? Please look at the pictures below :

Minimum Requirements :
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2 GHz
  • VIDEO: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT 512MB or AMD Radeon HD 3850 512 MB
  • RAM: 2 GB for XP / 3 GB for Vista
  • SOUND: DX-Compatible
  • HDD: 9 GB

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