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Free Download DotA 6.72f AI 1.0 Map "NIGHTMARE" - It's really really long time since DotA 6.71b AI Map "VENGEANCE" released, and now PBMN and Cloud_str works really hard on their project to released DotA 6.72f AI 1.0 Map "NIGHTMARE" and today that Latest AI Map has coming and bring us massive official map changes. Until today ( 24 October 2011, this is still the Latest DotA AI Map from ) and If there's a new map has coming, I'll post it as soon as posible so stay tuned here and Subscribe for the Latest News of DotA Maps and DotA AI Maps :)

Why this DotA AI Map's code is NIGHTMARE? Here are the reasons :
  • massive official map changes.
  • too many broken skills.
  • too many systems completely rewritten.
  • too much caffeine.
  • too many new AI heroes added.
Why it's called "AI 1.0" ? Because they plan to release a more BMP style incremental releases which will include only AI code changes. They will change only the AI numbers in the next incremental revisions.
    The biggest changes on this DotA 6.72f AI 1.0 Map "NIGHTMARE" are :
    • -cm (Captains Mode) ported and ENABLED.
    • AI will ban/pick along with humans in -cm mode.
    • Hero class system. Now AI choose heroes more strategically
    • All heroes now have complete AI.
    • Added gank system. aiWarBalance system now implemented
    • New AI auto-lane balance
    • New AI auto-Roshan system.
    • Added AI message system. Disable with command -aimsg during the game.
    • Added AI report-missing heroes system. Disable with command -aimsgmiss during the game.
    • Completely rewritten defense system, lvl. 1&2 tower defense system.
    • Improved AI assist system, now allows AI across the map to assist allies in battle.
    • AI now using Glyph of Fortification. If a human leader is present, AI will remind humans instead.
    • Enable/disable auto-glyph by allies with the command -aiglyph during the game.
    • Added AI Board to show what AI is doing. Disable/enable using -aiboard.
    • Rebalanced -dynamicexp and -dynamicgold.
    • AI now gets 25% bonus exp/2 gold rate per death, and loses 50% of the bonus on kill (25% on assist).
    • AI will automatically get a death bonus if he has no death/kill/assist in 3 minutes (starting at 5 mins mark).
    • -DE/-DG is now compatible with any exp/gold mode.
    • AI bonus exp/gold in multiboard are now toggle-able by -aidynamic.
    • New "mode-pack":
    • beginnermode (-bm) = -neng
    • advancedmode (-am) = -nengdedg
    • xtrememode (-xm) = -hehgdedg
    And many more another huge changes that has been added. (There are total 204 Change on this Map)
    If you want to read the Complete Changelog of DotA 6.72f AI 1.0 Map "NIGHTMARE" you can read it Here (playdota account required)

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    If you want to Download  DotA 6.72f AI 1.0 Map "NIGHTMARE" , Please click this following Link :
    Download DotA 6.72f AI 1.0 Map "NIGHTMARE" (7.2MB) DotA AI Map (Credit : PBMN Blog)
    Special Thx to Cloud_str for devoting this month to working hard on this map so you all can enjoy this fine DotA AI Map.
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