How to Use Warcraft Version Switcher 1.61

How to Use Warcraft Version Switcher 1.61 -  after posting about Download WVS 1.61, now I want to give you a guide "How to Use WVS" so you can easily change your Warcraft III Version without any Questions :)

Ok I'll begin the Guide now and Please Follow Step by Step :
2. Extract the zip-file you downloaded (Warcraft Version Switcher) into any folder you like.
3. Run "wvs.exe" and you will see this Dialog Box
4. Click OK and WVS will ask you where you store your Warcraft III Files.
5. Click OK again, and you will see another Dialog Box like tis Following Picture
6. Click OK and then Run "wvs.exe" again and If you are Done doing all steps your WVS will looks like this Following Picture

If you already Download TFT Files, Please Follow this Following Guide Step by Step :
1. Make sure your TFT Version Files are named "ex : TFT Version" Note : Must in Zip File!
2. Copy your Downloaded TFT Version File to "ex : x:\Your WVS directory\WVS" Place Here (in WVS Folder)
3. Click "Switch Version" and it will looks like the picture below
4. Click the Patch that you want to Run and All Done :)

I Hope This Guide Can Help You to solve your Problems
Thx for coming to Mr-Freee Blog
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