Free Download Winamp 5.622 (15.76 MB) Full and Lite Version (Freeware)

Free Download Winamp 5.622 Full Version - Need Free Media Player to Play you Media Files?Maybe you must read this post before you answer that. Winamp is an Ultimate Media Player, and It's about how you listen, watch and manage music, video, podcasts and internet radio on your desktop and devices. Winamp 5.622 is for people who like to customize, tinker and tweak: offering the widest range of extensions, skins, and services to add to your experience. And you can Download Winamp 5.622 Full with Free.

Don't conform, make your media player do what YOU want!
  • Other media managers are often a "take it or leave it" experience, with few if any options to personalize. Winamp is the media player that you can make your own... if you don't see it and you have the moxie and are a little tech savvy, you can build it yourself.

Listen, Watch & Manage
  • You can listen to, manage and organize your media catalogs, including audio, video, streaming media, podcasts and internet radio stations. It supports playback for 60 audio and video formats (including Webm). And also ships with robust tools for creating playlists, customizing playback preferences and listening remotely.

  • Winamp allows you to significantly customize your experience with over 6,000 add-ons (skins, plug-ins, online services and visualizations) created by a loyal development community. The Winamp Media Player is used worldwide and comes available in 16 different languages.

  • You can extend the value of Winamp and your media collection with Online Services that enable you to browse & buy tickets, find lyrics, & download music directly from your media player with the seamlessly integrated 7digital store. Winamp also has strong tools for managing your podcast subscriptions with our dynamic and searchable podcast directory. Last but not least you'll be able to listen over 40,000 internet radio stations via our seamless integration with the SHOUTcast Radio directory.
Winamp Pro  -->  You can further expand your media player's functionality with Winamp Pro, which offers:
  • Navtive video support for the most popular H.264 file formats
  • Unrestricted Audio CD Burning & Ripping (up to 48x)
  • MP3 encoding - the industry leading format
  • High quality bitrate AACPlus encoding (twice the quality of the free version)
 What you can do with Winamp 5.6 ? Here are the answers :
Winamp 5.6 gives you many Features, and there are 4 main features that Winamp offers to You :

Winamp Skins
Winamp supports interchangeable user interfaces called "skins", It Allows you to change Your Winamp Media Player into New Skins for better look. There are 2583 Skins Available to Download. 
Download Winamp Plug-Ins (Click Here)

Winamp Plug-Ins
Plug-ins are software extensions made by software developers to enhance Winamp Player functionality. Like skins, plug-ins are published on from our developers for general users to use and enjoy. Through the use of plug-ins, Winamp may be extended to support new audio or video formats, extend the capabilities of the Winamp Library, render new types of audio visualizations, etc. You may download plug-ins from by navigating to the "Plug-ins" tab or going to plug-ins. There are 958 Plug-Ins Available to Download. 
Download Winamp Plug-Ins (Click Here)

Winamp Visualization
Visualizers or Visualization Plugins are dynamic add-ons that produce images, colors, and textures that change based elements of the music being played. Winamp offers two primary visualization plugins ( AVS & MilkDrop ) allowing you to create different presets. If you’re feeling invincible, you can even attempt to create your own visualization plugin or you can say platform. There are many visualization plugins available which users have generated.There are 2762 Visualizations Available to Download 

Winamp Online Services
Online Services add fun, new web features to Winamp that require an online connection. Get access to thousands of online radio stations, discover new music and artists, and much more. There's a brave new world out there...give it a try. By the way, anyone can submit an Online Service, so explore them, have fun, and create one yourself if you want.

The magic all happens in Winamp. When you install the latest version of Winamp you'll instantly get access to some of Winamp Featured Services, including SHOUTcast Radio, OurStage Radio, and Spinner MP3 of the Day. If you want to explore the full roster of available Online Services, click on "Online Services" in the Winamp Media Library and you'll be in the Online Services Gallery. The Gallery is constantly updated with new Online Services, so check it often.
Check about Online Services (Click Here)

What's New in Winamp 5.622 ? 
  • Improved: [in_mp3] Support TXXX/Band as an alternative id3v2 frame for Album Artist
  • Fixed: [bmp/in_avi] Integer overflow issues in TSCC, RGB & YUV decoders
  • Fixed: [enc_fhgaac] High bitrate upsampling bug
  • Fixed: [in_midi] Underrun in CMF files when music offset is greater than the filesize
  • Fixed: [in_mod] Made sure AMF is limited to maximum of 32 channels
  • Fixed: [in_mp3] Crash on hitting Alt+3 for currently playing file with an APEv2 tag
  • Fixed: [in_mp3] Reading of id3v2.4-only TDRC (Year) frame
  • Fixed: [in_mp3] Don't delete TCMP & PRIV id3v2 frames when updating tags
  • Fixed: [in_mp4] Gapless playback
  • Fixed: [in_nsv] Potential integer overflow issue
  • Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
  • Misc: [ml_local] Added an explanatory error page if database gets corrupted
  • Updated: [enc_fhgaac] Fraunhofer AAC Encoder v3.2.3
  • Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.2.4
  • Updated: [lame_enc] LAME 3.99

And many more Features that Winamp 5.6 give to you, For Complete Features and Product Comparison Please Click This Following Link : 
Winamp Complete Features & Product Comparison (Click Here)

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Download Winamp 5.622 (7.80 MB) Lite Version

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